Cartier Times: Melania Trump-#1 Hustler

Not only is Melania one of the most beautiful women walking this earth but rocking a $480,000.00 ring makes you a hustler. Wanna talk about a hustle? When I hear that word Jay-Z or Rick Ross comes to mind, but let's talk about a female hustler. Most of the fashion world fell in love with Mrs. Trump when she graced the cover of Vogue wearing a wedding gown, she then became close friends with Andre Leon Talley and was the muse for fashion designers across the U.S. Now you might be lost, but let me catch you up.

Melania is the object of perfection, her face sits and she always gives you a mean pout ( thanks mel ) but she didn't settle for a regualr ( ladies ) she went for the real money ( makes you look at your man in a different way right ). Let's talk about family life, this former model gave birth to her first son Barron and is currently playing the role of mother and wife. She's now worth millions and she even has her own website. Melania is the ultimate hustler, ask about her."Put me anywhere on Gods green earth, I'll triple my worth"-Jay-Z

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