Cartier Times: Patna, Patna Let Me Upgrade U

Shawn & Beyonce Carter ranks richest couple by Forbes. I advise all the LateBoots viewers to pull out that B'Day album and fast forward to track number 4, think about it, listen to the lyrics and start building your own empire. Write down all your passions, aspirations and your goals. Build up your contact list, start social climbing-set dates and draw up contracts. Sign on the dotted line, lets get into these salaries because GOOD LIFE it is indeed-the life it ain't for everybody. Im looking for someone to complete my dynasty. No joke because you didn't know about Audemars Piguet until they said it in a verse ( watch some of yall about to google it right now )."Don't doubt yourself, trust me you need me."-Beyonce

And no I didn't forget about the fashion, get into Beyonce's Christian Louboutins and Shawns white pant.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r