GAG: It Actually Works!

My girl Michelle (yes, she is my judy!) has really "tipped" it up alot this time around and I am feeling her whole heartedly. Michelle is slated to have her first contemporary R&B album debut in August titled "Unexpected".... and so is this look! William's latest promo pics are conveying a more edgy and risque' look that really gives me what I need. I love that she chopped her hair and NOT in the way that most of the "usuals" have already done. I'm uber excited for her release and the new song is a banger! If you haven't heard it make sure you check it out!
Also peep her latest home video that she has thanking her fans for the support!

Check out the song: We Break The Dawn!
Click Here To Download
((...break the mold babe!))

iCON :)