Get-Back!: Shanti Let's Have!

...sighs. Now I know that I can be some what critical of others if its not the Queen, but I also can say that I know BEAT when I see it.... and this AIN'T it! I can hear Shanti and Moma Douglas going off now "Oooooh Shanti you look like your moma back in her hay-day on this!" "You are sooooo innovative, they ain't ready for you!". Get out of here Miss Murder Inc.... She looks a poodle with a BOB and her name Diane! It's a chop! And not that synthetic mess on her head!
...And to think, there are TWO! OMG! The nerve of her management! All I have is one question... Is that a model hump or a Amy Winehouse Bee-Hive? Choose your looks Shanti.... You working with alot! Travel light... Travel FAR!!!

((..see my DAYS were FINE without YOU!))

iCON :)