Go-C : All Black- Salieu-Jalloh-I Am King

So let me start from the beginning. I watched the "If I Were King" special on, some were able to tune in during it's regular air time. The special showed behind the scenes of clothing line Sean John and it took me somewhere I didn't plan on going-talk about inspiration.

Some might already know that Sean John featured only black models during their show this past febuary because whites dominate this industry. I RESPECT what Sean Combs is doing for our industry, I take my hat off to you. One of my main reasons for mostly -if not only now showing black male models here on is to showcase the black faces that are out there but never seen. The vision behind the blog was to show and highlight fashion form a young black mind. Different shades of us, different looks.The Videos are on, here is 1 of 7 CLICK TO WATCH EPISODES

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