HOT or CHOP: Louboutin STILETTO Wedge

The red bottom never ceases to amaze me by no means.... from the studded boot, to the ROUNDED-pointed toe classic I have always been a fan, but now I don't know what direction they are going in! Here is the Christian Louboutin Patent Stiletto Wedge Sandal that retails at $835.00! Sighs... now from looking at the shoe on my end of the screen it looks real "normal" you know? Like I LOVE wedges, only if they are SKY-HIGH... like that YSL tribute gold-wedge shoe. I don't know... you guys always chop me up when I say something about Louboutin, Bey, or MK... so you be the judge! What are your thoughts on the new-new over at Louboutin?!

(( WEDGE click, clack))

iCON :)