Jessie Is FEELING Her BEAT...Or Is She?

...Miss "Thing Thing" is getting it in anyway she can these days! Jessica Simpson is shaving her way back on the scene on the May cover of Esquire Magazine. Esquire is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and in honor of it they are re-creating some very popular covers hence the (Danity Kane spread that was re-created).
...Here Simpson channels Virna Lisi's March 1965 cover, and if I must say it doesn't capture the essence of which Lisi's did. Jessi is so random to me, but you know what, "thing-thing" be on her grind! Her shoe line gross gets higher and higher by the year, she recently launched an eye-wear and accessories line and she plans on launching a linen line very soon. So I guess she needs to keep shaving... It's gotta be something in that cream.... get into that.

((....all the way back to the HAIRLINE))

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