Juice Box: Mix and Match

Wearing the same designer label from head to toe is quite boring and expected in my opinion. The girl in both of these images proves that, not only does she has style but, she can mix her clothes up with different designers and still obtain the essence of being seen as fashionable. In The first image she is wearing a white T-shirt printed by LUELLA, her jeans are by Diesel in which they were customised by LILLY MARTHE EBENER. Her belt that hangs low is from CYBERDOG. In The next image to the right, her Leopard Printed shirt is by Dolce and Gabbana followed by her high waisted trousers, which are by BATIK. In my opinion the diagonal cut waistline makes the trousers very edgy and gives them a geometrical look which is quite striking. So who will you mix and match with?