LaPosh Vs. Katezilla-Battle Of The Queens

"Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes need to pull their high-waisted denim down just a smidge. The BFFs are fighting a style war with each other ever since Victoria landed April's British Vogue cover. Katie wanted it, although last we checked Vogue did 12 covers a year, so whatever. As if that wasn't cataclysmic enough, Victoria pushed her position as Katie's style mentor too far when she suggested Katie get some tattoos. "Tattoos are trashy," Katie spazzed, according to the U.K. magazine Now. "I wouldn't be caught dead with one." Victoria has a small gallery inked on her back, neck and wrist. After that verbal exchange, Katie probably won't be getting too many DVB denim samples.

"How dare she attack my tattoos?" Victoria ranted to a source who in turn blabbed to the magazine. "I know more about fashion than she'll ever know. I have my own line! I've told her what to wear and what not to--she used to dress like a schoolgirl. Then she even tried to copy my hair. Now she doesn't think she needs me." Wow, Victoria, thanks for catching us up on the events of the past year. Who knew Victoria Beckham talks like the narrator on Desperate Housewives?"
Source: Vogue Wars

All I can say is Katie has been feeling her cootch every since Vicky unleashed her! Katie got her 1st pair of Zanotti's and got real loose out here in these streets... but she better be careful because Posh wasn't named that for nothing! Vicky will pull out a Philip Treacy hat and cut her up!

((...would didn't see this coming?))

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