LB Watch: Agnes & Muriels Atlanta

Im in love with this little house on Monroe Drive here in Atlanta and it's like a piece heaven. The food there is the best I've ever had, seriously. It all started when myself along with some of the LB crew left church and were in search for some good brunch and we don't really like to go to the same restaurants so Jennifer Pauline pulled out and her blackberry and found Agnes & Muriels. I forever owe you. We tip inside and were greeted by southern folk, the male waiter even said "come on in honey, ain't nothin like the food here". We were seated by the window where the morning sunrise gave us perfect lighting for photo's. We spent at least 15 minutes looking through the menu because everything sounded so good, it was then that we decided to order different things so we could sample each others food. The table was filled with fried chicken, salmon crockets and meatloaf, cornbread and biscuits ( the best ).

I suggest that you visit there if your in Atlanta, or just fly in on the strength on my word lol, but when you do go, order the fried green tomatoes ( one of the dishes they are known for ) and the lemon sesame greens. And while your waiting on your food order a mimosa, they make the best ( last time I had 3 ) don't judge me, I be stressed sometimes too. Below is the salmon crockets & biscuits.CLICK for Agnes & Muriels Menu

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r