LB Watch : The Bagel & The Beast-Breakfast

So I woke up around 10 o'clock this morning, called up Richy Ro$$ so we could have breakfast and discuss some business. He wanted country cookin over at the Waffle House, but I wanted Einstein Bagels. After a toss up we ended up at Einstein's where I ordered The Lox bagel which is served with raw salmon on top. I guess you could that I wanted to tap into that other side of me and get something different. Ha. The taste was so unpleasing and then it was topped with some green stuff that was bitter and crunchy. Of course I played it off as if it was good in front of Ro$$ but I must have slide that salmon under the table and just ate the bagel. Next time I'll be at the Waffle House where I can get eggs, sausage, toast, hashbrowns and a waffle with mad money to spare.
"What a bad way to start your day."-Richy Ro$$

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