Make ME.... BEAT!

..I started watching this reality show when it first aired because one of my old co-workers (Casey) was a contestant and I wanted to support him. Now I actually found a love for it because I LIVED for some of the shoots but most of all I loved the runway challenges.... But anywho, the finale aired recently and just in case you missed it find out who won after the cut... it's not surprising to me by the way....

((...all the way BACK))

iCON :)'s HOLLY! She was beat-to-fool from the get go... She came in with that BOB that sat nicely on her and she definitely gave me over-seas model phish all day! So I wasn't shocked. Oh, and it went down like this....perry got kicked off first,(between he and holly),ben got kicked off next,(between he and ronnie),and then it was ronnie vs holly, and of course, Tuna won! Congrats!