The Musical: P. Dizzzy

So here we are again introducing you to another musical artist found on myspace. P. Dizzy-born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is ready to take on the music industry with whole new swag. Compared to icons such as Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, Dizzy is trying to live out his dreams and do what he knows best. And that's being true to himself. Check out what Dizzy had to say after the jump...

LB: I would like to take this time to let you introduce yourself to the LB readers who don't know who you are & what city your representing.

A: Well, let's keep it simple. I go by the name of PdiZzZy, but my homies call me P. I'm really into music, it's something I love to make and hear.

Q: What goes on in the daily life of P?

A: Wow, daily for me is grinding really hard and preparing myself for the future. When I'm not in the studio, most people can catch me in Soho with friends, at events networking or rapping at shows, so my fans can see me doing what i do best. I believe that life is easy, people just make it hard, so I make sure to stay focused on what I want to do.

Q: Some people may think this is just a kid from New York rocking BBC effortlessly but you're well into the fashion industry and business is looking good on your side of town. You're in the studio working on a mixtape with Fly Society, right?

A: Yes, Currently, I'm working on my mixtape which features tracks with Fly Society and other talented producers like Remo the Hit Maker ,Cj Chat, L-quick From the Shooters, Fuzzy Fe from High House, and Jon Lewis. I'm enjoying the mixtape so far, it's very interesting and something I believe everyone must hear. Look for that to be out sometime before the summer.

Q: Tell me a little about the line Fly Society?

A: Fly Society is a movement, it's a culture. We stand by what we believe in and in this industry, we believe in good must and great fashion. Bringing something different to the industry, this movement is something people want to be apart of, we speak through our music. FS designs clothes to give the industry and our society a different taste of high fashion.

Q: Being that you're into fashion; how do you feel about the current
state of streetwear fashions and the sudden crave for BBC/Ice Cream.

A:Well, BBC/ Ice Cream has been out for a while, but not everyone has been up on the brand. The brand is hot and I give it props as far as street fashion is concerned. I'm not really sure where street fashion is going, there are so many brands out there, i'm always wondering what's next.

Q: What future projects do you have coming up?

A: Right now I'm working on my mixtape, which should be out by May. I have a few deals pending and a few shows coming up. I'm also working on a clothing like called "Jaded" with my team, Sweetface and Mr. Showtime himself Swizz Beatz, so be on the look out for that, it's coming very soon.

Q: Who are your fashion icons?

A: I would say Pharrell Williams and Kanye West are two of the most freshest people in the game. There are more, but I give them props when it comes to fashion.

Q: Who is your favorite designer and why?

A: I have many favorite designers and too many to name, but I wear anything that I consider hot. It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive, I'll rock it. Ultimately, if I was to name a brand that was my favorite, I would say Louis V or Gucci, I love high fashion designers, P is a very gaudy person (j/k).

Any last words?

umm Thanks for having me. Shout out to the whole Lateboots crew, and to everyone out there. If you want to do something go ahead and do it. Don't let anyone stop you. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. That's what I have to do and what we all should do. Gotta let em' now. We can come from nothing and become more than something. You can become everything...

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