The Musical: Rob Roy

After about twenty messages from friends on myspace, i finally took the time to check out Rob Roy, a southern artist from Duvalle, Fl.Rob Roy is a breath of fresh air to the music industry, mixing his unique lyrical skills with crunk & trance beats. Put Eminem, Lil' John and Andre 3000 in a studio and the product would be a Rob Roy track.Peep his cuts like Fur In My Cap & Rollercoaster Baby on his Myspace page and also check out his official interview with after the jump.

-Richy Ro$$

What separates you from other artists today?

If you want to break it down on a strictly content/lyrics basis, I'm
inverting a lot of rap and r&b conventions - turning them on their
head, or inside out and exploring what lies beneath those concepts.
Whereas hip hop to this point has been content with butting up against
those ideas time and again, I am placing those ideas in a new context
and/or painting from a conceived reality rather than a traditionally
perceived reality, and by doing so, giving them new meaning. To draw a
comparison to the visual arts world, a somewhat Cubist approach.
Sonically, I'm trying my best to stay away from synths now, and while
I still may incorporate them here and there, I've been moving toward
music that lives and breathes and sweats and has a more organic feel.
My eyes are not watching robots or the stars; my eyes are watching the

Who would you sign with tomorrow?

Whoever has the biggest paycheck for me without requiring the
sacrifice of my artistic integrity. My aim is to make a comfortable
living as a creative person.

What is the process of writing for you, what are you most inspired by?

A. "Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of
paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." - Gene Fowler

B. "Man exists only in so far as he is opposed." - Georg Hegel

What is the style of your records?

Jacksonville, Florida-style all day, everyday, no matter where I'm
currently situated.

Can you tell me more about the messages embedded in your songs?

It is all about quality. And yes, there is such a thing. Trust your

What is your favorite song on the album, why?

I think for where my mindset is at right now, I would say "Duval,"
mostly because it reflects alot of the things I addressed in the first
question. However, I've yet to record the last 2 songs I'm wanting to
tack onto the project, so it could be one of those too!

What is the story behind your album?

The title of the album is "King Warrior Magician Lover," taken from a
book of the same name. The book maps out male psychology, and talks
about how the mature masculine energy manifests itself in these 4

My album is my way of documenting and sorting through the
coming-of-age process, spearing the proverbial lion before I can
return home and be called a chief among my village.

Is it possible to look at music and style separately?

It is possible, but it's also possible to eat turkey without stuffing.
They definitely go hand in hand, and accentuate the flavor of the
other. With that said though, I think style should be like music - one
should never try too hard. Whatever comes natural will always shine

What is it about "performing" that satisfies you?

I like venturing into the unknown. Anytime I interact with a live
audience, there's always that unknown factor. Even when performing the
same set, no two shows are alike.

Who would you like to work with?

Anyone that can bring something new to the table.

What artist and or/ genre of music influenced you growing up?

Musically speaking, a lot of r&b and 80's pop, 90's hip hop, old
school reggae, jungle/drum & bass, and Southern rap. Artist-wise, be
it painter or musician, I've identified the most with and been
inspired most by the work of Lucian Freud and Andre 3000.

What projects are you currently working on?

My album, "King Warrior Magician Lover." I'm also thinking about
releasing a mixtape or EP of some sort beforehand.

How do you want to be remembered in the music industry?

Ideally, as the guy who sparked the next significant change in the
course of rap music history before leaving to take up painting again,
and eventually teaching art at a university.

When and where can your music be purchased?

When: soon. Where: Keep checking in with me at