The Queen To Step Down-I Don't See It

....YEEESSSS Mova (as I look at this pic!) Sighs, Miss Media has been blowing me lately with all this craziness that they have been planting around my favorite people! Anywho... here's the latest one, according to "Angelica Knowles" (whoever that maybe because her cousin and personal assistant's name is Angela "Angie" Beyince') Beyonce will be retiring after this next album and will be serving as an A&R for Hov's label.. (Blank stare).. If this is true Cassie and Ashanti will make a duet and it's going platinum! Also according to "Miss Media", Bey has already scouted a new R&B artist by the name of Chelsea Thomas. Now this maybe true because I have read something in the past about this girl but she was under Music World Music which is ran by Poppa, so who knows?! But I do know that our Queen won't be tipping down off of that thrown for a while... and I mean a while!

Get into THAT!

((.....what's a throne without the QUEEN?))

iCON :)