The Replacements: Change You Can Believe In

In this anxiety ridden political season, I find it only right to discuss world politics, from a fashion perspective of course. As we anticipate the presidential candidates to be finalized here in the U.S (I won't impose my opinion of who I believe should be chosen), French politics are moving ahead gracefully. Newly elected Nicholas Sarkozy has stepped in to replace longtime French president Jacque Chirac, modernizing the traditional way of French politics in a multitude of ways......While improving French society, boosting the economy, curbing illegal immigration and increasing employment among the youth, Sarkozy has also brought in a true "model" citizen to improve French style (as if they need it).After ending his marriage to former model, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz in October 2007, the new year brought in new changes and a fresh face, Carla Bruni. Wedding in February 2008, Carla Bruni is the first lady many have waited for. In all of her style, grace and splendor, Bruni along with her husband Sarkozy, are definitely change that France (as well as myself) believes in. Well read and well bred, Carla Bruni is the daughter of Italian tire giant, Alberto Bruni Tedeschi (who sold his company to Pirelli), which makes her the heiress to a huge fortune, as well as being a former supermodel (think YSL, Chanel and Dior), multi-linguist, singer (winning the French equivalent of the Grammy's) and now first lady. Beauty and brains, she sounds a lot like first lady in waiting, Michelle Obama. Looks like France has their modern Jackie-O, a new president with innovative ideas and a new way of thinking. France has set the tone in many ways, now lets follow suit (yes, we can!)

Fabulously yours,
Jennifer Pauline