Round Up: Kanye flys High/Nae-Nae just PLANE crazy!/Weezy does VIBE looking...

Kanye West has mastered the music world, but now he's branching out into a new field: the travel industry. The Grammy-winning musician's new site,, which launched Tuesday, will offer deals on airfare, rental cars and hotels, according to Advertising Age.

"Kanye is really excited," Miki Woodard, president of West Brands, tells PEOPLE. "What we discovered is nothing like this exists." Travel giant Travelocity is one of the site's strategic partners.But West, 30, isn't leaving music out of the equation. Plans for the site include travel packages with tickets to his shows and Kanye merchandise. Source: PEOPLE
Campbell was pulled off a British Airlines flight this morning after reportedly causing a huge stink as one of her (count 'em) three carry-on bags had gone missing. The Sun reported that after she was yanked off the plane, cops had to be called because the supermodel was told she was unfit to fly. The anger management class superstar was hauled away "ranting and raving" from BA's first class lounge after allegedly assaulting an officer. Witnesses say they heard the model scream "get off me, leave me alone" as she was taken to the Heathrow police station. Hide your Blackberries because this queen is crazy!
Lil "Weezy" Wayne covers VIBE MAy 2008 issue looking like something you pick out of your nose.. Is it just me or is he one of the hardest things to look at on EARTH? And these girls be throwing their panties at him! I have experienced that 1st hand! I was randomly at R&B singer's birthday bash last week and he came through... the ladies went crazy! I was like OMG! Over this RAISIN?! Sighs... the power of the COIN... because that's exactly what it is.... all day.

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