HA: Where's The CalcuLATEr?!

....So we can ADD up how many things that are WRONG in this pic!!! OMG.... Here we go:

1. The Obvious. His MUG has had TOO many HUGS! It's burnt ORANGE... Come on Turkey base!

2. His high-top fade looks microwaved.

3. How many BUTTONS are on that SUIT?!

4. Her bangles look like rubber bands... Now you know it's all about being GAUDY this season! Looking like her name is Ahkbar!!

5. Her MUG is in NEED of some HUGS! Jermaine quite being stingy with the Bronzer!

6. LAST but definitely NOT least... (look down...) She's DISSAPPOINTY! Come on pointed-toe shoe!! NO MORE POINTIES!

((wretched + LATE + e=MC2 + small frames= HollyWEIRD))


iCON :/