Caught - Out: Charlize Theron/ J.Lo and X-Tina

...Charlize Theron (over-all FACE) tipped into Dior's Cruise Collection show in NY this past weekend wearing of course... Dior! Those shoes are FOREVER! Word on the street is that Galliano personally pays her to wear his designs! And if you noticed, Charlize stays in a Galliano gown at most major events. Must be nice!
Also Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony must have found a baby-sitter for the twins because they were there looking rather tired. Mark needs a serious HUG, and maybe he will wake up! Those eyes been sagging since Queen Latifah felt butch and had corn-rows..LOL! X-Tina (who's lip-stick I LOVED) tipped out with her beau ,Jordan Bratman, that definitely needed a napkin! He was sweating BOOTS! Sighs... maybe he was nervous Tina was going to trip, because he knows that she can't walk in those heels! Oh... by the way.. both J.Lo and Aguilera are wearing Dior shoes....

((...they ALL need a retreat))

iCON :)