HA: Bad PROM Decisions - Label Edition

Due to the high volume of attention that "Proms" have been getting and not to even mention the "Prom Raid" in Houston, I have decided to put a little focus on BAD Prom decision making! Now take this lovely young lady for example. She has on a satin "catastrophe" with a "Gucci" printed denim skirt underneath it with (get into this) a "Gucci" shawl. SIGHS.. Excuse my French, but "What the HELL is going on on out here"? Oh.. tuna is also rocking a "Gucci" garter belt around her thigh! This is SAD.
Now this one deserves a "HA" & a "HUG". Baby girl forced her man to do this! Look at his FACE!!! It's priceless! They are giving you the colorful "Louis Vuitton" that sold off the shelves about 5 seasons ago! She has a crown, a chocker, a garter belt around her thigh and a cropped satin jacket to match! Jesus please swoop down and grab your BIRDS.... these need to be in the clouds!

((...come on WRETCHED!))

iCON :)