LB Watch : Roof Top BBQ-The Goodbye Dinner

A few weeks ago Project X hosted a roof top BBQ following their finale show, and boy did they have fun grubbing on hamburgers and hot dogs while I ate BBQ salmon and tortes filled with warm rhubarb compote ( you know I gotta be different do the extra ). For some reason iCON thinks he's Emeril, as I tried to stay away from the pit-yall know how hard it is to get that bbq smoke outta your garments, and I was not going to walk around smelling like a slab of ribs. I must admit it was nice to see everyone from the show considering the summer has approached and most of us will be in New York. I guess you could say it was a "goodbye" dinner-I hang with a tight crew......

Ending Credits: Thanks to Brian Davis for seasoning the hell outta that meat & fish and J.Hanes for that salad.

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