The Marquis Jet: No Joke, I Got My Own Jet

Being a young country boy, I've always found it necessary to travel and to be cultured, one thing you should know, I HATE FLYING COMMERCIAL. Still being a student I sometimes like to live normal, so I put aside my $69.00 for a AirTran express flight ( stand by ) don't judge me-I was trying something new. It's something about NOT knowing if you're getting on the plane and only being able to bring two carry-ons that rub me the wrong way, not to mention the menu: shortbread cookies was it and juice, cocktails going for 5 bucks.

Not sure when the last time you flew out but airport security does too much, True Story: I was flying back home back in 2006, I had on a full ensemble before check-in and by the time I was out I was only wearing slippers. Not to mention the "can you step to the side sir, you've been randomly selected to be checked", ok great, I love when people go through my stuff. But there's hope-with the Marquis Jet Card, you access the gold standard for private aviation operators, NetJets - 25 hours at a time for one simple payment. NetJets operates the safest, most reliable and largest private jet fleet in the world and provides you with guaranteed availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year......

Some of the many Marquis Jet Card program benefits include:
Exclusive access to the NetJets fleet of over 740 aircraft, guaranteed availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, highest standards of safety, security and personal service, access to thousands of airports in North America and Europe, choice of up to 10 aircraft types, the option to exchange your jet for a smaller or larger cabin depending on your needs (subject to availability)
freedom to exchange between NetJets North American and European fleets, no "deadheads" or "empty leg" charges within NetJets primary service area and fly ferry free to the most popular destinations around the world.

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