The Musical : New Face-Jazzy-And I Love It

There's nothing more that I like to do than to listen to new music, I love "riding"music, so Im always on the lookout for new artist and finally-a fresh face and a new voice for the summer, LateBoots I bring you Jazzy. Already having her debut album "Oh Jazzy" on itunes, Jazzy's smooth vocals and warm tones brings some of the best "chill" music to date-not to mention she is a Beyonce fan, which is always a good thing....."Her online presence is growing each day, with an average of 200,000 hits to her website, each week. In the mean time you can catch Jazzy performing at California hot spots like the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, as well as various artist showcase . She recently has been featured on the LIVE online music show, “The All Star Break” on, which is broadcasted LIVE to over 35 countries."-According to her myspace page.Jazzy continually performs throughout Southern/Northern California at various venues and industry events expanding her fan base with every stage she graces. The future is bright for this singer/songwriter!

She needs to stop in Atlanta and give us a show, I purchased her album on itunes and my favorite songs hands down are "Make Up", "Ticket", "Body" and "B With You". Make sure you take a listen and purchase her cd on itunes.

Click to visit her myspace page

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