The Musical: Theophilus London

Let me put you on to some new issh. The more I travel, it becomes so clear to me how much of a small world we live in. Little gifts like the music from TL are brought to your attention when in actuality it had been right under your nose the whole time. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mister Theophilus is like a breath of fresh air to the music industry. Inspired by Michael Jackson and Prince ((two of my favs)) young Theo makes that feel good music to wake you up when you get off from work, that energy buster to get you right for the party life. You may have seen his face grace the ads of the well-known streetwear brand Rocksmith. His track "Die 4 You" from his mixtape Jam! did it for me, but you have to feel it for yourself. Can you dig it?

What separates you from other artists today?

Well that's a very tricky question. (Laughs) I can't really compare similarities or differences in any other artist because I focus on my work 24/7. I could add though that my music comes from the soul and inspirations coinciding with James Brown, Michael Jackson, The Smiths ... Man the list goes on. I would love to be compared to those mentioned other than all the trendy and confused music made by the artist of today...

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Who would you sign with tomorrow?

Well I'm already signed. So if I signed with some one tomorrow, I would have a big lawsuit on my hands (laughs). I'm signed to an indie New York based label called NormRex. Very strong and elite roster. Machine Drum, New Look, Jimmy Edgar and Leatherette. Google these guys. SMH

What is the process of writing for you, what are you most inspired by?

The music.. The music.. The music.. It has to speak to me first. We have to have a confrontation. The message the music gives alerts certain moods in my body. Lately I have been discovering new moods I never knew existed. Whatever the beat needs I give it that. Nothing more nothing less. If it doesn't need rapping then I won't rap. Check out this track called ultra violet via myspace.com/londonwave. And witness the many colors and moods in the record!

What is the style of your records?

Soul/new wave/ hip hop/ mood/ and rhythm. My music consist of colors we don't know exist.. Or I guess undiscovered colors I should say. Try closing your eyes really hard.. Now try to capture or remember the colors u just seen!

Can you tell me more about the messages embedded in your songs?

The first message I usually deliver is performing and entertaining. Before I write tracks I envision my self on stage. Depending on the song it varies. I take myself out of myself and view my music on the outside in. I want people to feel good and smile every time they listen. Also I love adding the timeless ingredient. Lol so its listen able 90 years from now.

What is your favorite song on the album, why?

Well I just dropped my very first mixtape titled JAM! Download it for free now!
My favorite piece on there is.................................. Blindfolded. Just the feeling and the places that record takes you is very exciting..
I have an EP dropping mid Summer titled (This Charming Man) my favorite on that one is Higher.. I'm not gonna spoil your fun......

What is the story behind your album?

My EP is def. The evolution of me.. Laughs- its just a collection of colors I created.. That's really all I can say bout that!

Is it possible to look at music and style separately?

Def. If your speaking of style as in fashion? Then to me I can separate the two. I never ever boast about being fly or fresh in my music. Fashion is a very personal thing to me. I don't really like to share... Plus you will never ever catch me shopping. Lol. I hang around organic dope people. We don't talk about how cool we are or how fly we are cause its just something in your blood. Its just like those horrible rappers who talk about killing in their music..... Real killers don't boast about who they just killed. Lol they are too busy hiding from the police

What is it about “performing” that satisfies you?

Ahhhhhhh just the word performing satisfies me. If u can't relate to the mood and colors in my music... Come see me live.. Then we'll have dinner (laughs)

Who would you like to work with?

Can't think of anyone recent... Well its this cat named John Maus.. This dude defines excellence..I'm really sacred when it comes to music

What artist and or/ genre of music influenced you growing up?

98. Kiss fm
Kissing after dark all day long. Michael Jackson, The o' Jays, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, man the list goes on!

What projects are you currently working on?

I just finished my EP, so I just started working with artist such as Tryfe Kennedy, denim, landou orchestra, the glitch mob, ninjasonik... Just to name a few.

How do you want to be remembered in the music industry?

Timeless, delusional, personal genius

When and where can your music be purchased?

My EP will be available on itunes soon! But for now you can Jam for free! @ Theophilus London.

Here's the direct link to Theophilus London's mixtape JAM! Click HERE to download.