Style Block - Battle of The Chops

Vicky and Davey Came down the carpet at last nights Gala looking rather spooky if you ask me. Well David looked spiffy but Mova Vicky gave us all a scare with that new face and she has her hair pulled up!! That's a definite first! Nonetheless, she stayed true to her fashionable self and wore a nude, beaded, I don't know shirt dress by Jenna Jameson (LMAO), it was Couture Sexy! It's really a vintage thigh high gown from his Armani's 1989 collection. GAG! But sorry Vicky you lost me here... damn I hate to admit things like this!
Now her good "Judy" Katie tipped through and looked ravishing in a red vintage Armani gown, featuring a beaded bustier, from the designer's autumn 1993 collection. She teamed it with bright blue pointed heels, which you can see poking out from the hem. I LOVED this look on Sista Katie.... she seemed real happy although Tom looks as though he just walked of the set of "Dracula"...

Katie VS Posh = Katie WINS! (Sad Face)

Tom VS David = David ATE! (Happy Face)

((...Give it UP for SICKENING))

iCON :)