Boots & The City : Corporate Clubin-On Location

Party people Sham & I are not but we were invited to "Guest House" by our new friend Damon ( Kelis's Bossy Video ) where we indeed tipped-it's very different when one skips a line to pass security to a certain roped off section as bottles of poison sit on ice. The Dj played all the beats and they even had a band play to the music-sick! The club had many different types of people, there was this one drag queen Im guessing that's what you would call him, he had on the SICKEST shoes, they had to be atleast 6 inches or more!! I wanted a pic but he was dancing around raising his dress and Mr. Phifer didn't feel like going there. But just as Cinderella sham and I made our exit because the clock striked 2 ( in our case ) we don't do trains after 2. No mam.m a r q u i s . p h i f e r