Boots & The City : New York Done MIA Style

So I got a text from Sham Saturday night..."Yo are you going to see The Cool Kids tonight" ofcourse I responded, I fucks with them...2 hours later ( thanks to the trains for having a different route on the weekends ) I walked 8 blocks in velvet slippers just to attend...In my head Im thinking "where does Sham have me". Talk about a SOLD OUT show-we had wrist bands waiting for us ( ah..the good life )The Knitting Factory is what they call it, I call it the pits of was sooooo hot with people shoulder to shoulder I was ready to go until Mickey Factz hit the stage ( for some reason I thought he was gonna be fat )...later he was joined by his boy Peter Hadar...kool people. ( MF to the left, Peter right).But there's more, when you're in an underground venue alcohol seems to be the accessory and this drunk guy dropped his drink and got all over Sham and I....I let him have it, at that point I was ready to tip forreal forreal until my friend Cynthia escorted us backstage to meet a certain somebody, MIA-she's so dope. While we're in conversation I notice familiar voices on the mic, it's The Cool Kids on stage at this point, so we kinna missed their performance, I look over at Sham like "damn that's why we came". But let's talk about style, here are a few civilians rockin it....Although this night looks fun I ended up in Queens around midnight, don't ask how. And to the The Cool Kids, we will see you again, soon....

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r