Cartier Times - Wait, Is It Cartier Anymore?

Since KANYE left Alexis ( I don't care what they say), doesn't she seem to have lost her "cartier"" look?! She looks likes a greasy cousin of Megan Good! I just don't see it. This pic was from her recent event labeled "If Looks Could Kill", (I wonder what that was about.) When Ye' and Lex were together they gave society EVERYTHING! They would tip from show to party, from dinner to private yacht gatherings, DONE! I was living for the two!

But Now...

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iCON :)

Kanye sits all alone at Laker games looking like he just lost a pair of his Rodarte ankle boots, all sad-faced. I feel so bad for him sometimes....
And Alexis has been demoted to having Diet Coke and Tortilla Chip round tables with "G.I.G" (The Get It Girl Committee) LMAO! Please Alexis and Kanye... float back together! Kanye STOP stealing her tights and bangals playing in them and Alexis stay out off Kanye's Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue... get your own! Save each other please!