HA: Beyonce Inspires MANY Nations

So EVERYBODY knows that I live for Beyonce Knowles but in this case, she has definitely sent out the wrong message (or at least ol girl just took it wrong!) Here is another "BAD" decision made by a poor soul during prom season this year. I really think she may have been feeling her BEAT when she was talking to Kim Yu (the seamstresses from around the way) when she was piecing this HIDEOUS NIGHTMARE together. I am sorry Bey, but I'm not "crazy in love" about this inspired "freakum" because I know she thought that she was "bootylicious", when she really needed to "listen" to her inner thoughts. I bet she was trying to get her a "baby boy", and from the looks of her gut she had a huge serving of "apple pie la mode" before easing out with her "girls".

sighs.... this really did make me "lose my breath"!

Swoop down JESUS, you have another BIRD! Because this ish is for the clouds!

((...Bey, you will never be mis-interpreted again!))

iCON :)