LB Look Book : White, Black & Navy-D&G S09

Black or white-in between would've been a boring story but Dolce & Gabbana gives me material, patterns and rich colors this Spring 09 collection-let's think " I get money". This seasons collection brings back old James Bond-Fantastic Man-the all white with the trim of black is sick-the two being my favorite colors, so simple yet so classic. I've always been the one to always step out in a blazer and pant, it's a certain swagg the garments give you. I must admit after seeing countless collections I was getting worried about the over exposure of bow-ties but when they are made with the best materials puts them in a class of their own. Im really thrilled at what D&G brings to the game, I've never been disappointed at the threads that they sew-this collection is actually wearable. When I say wearable I mean looking like a bag of money type of wearable-like I woke up this morning feeling like a billionaire.

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