The Musical : Ashanti's Declaration Album

This is soooo random but as I was getting ready for work I went to the itunes store to purchase this song I've been looking for but then I saw Ashanti's awful "Upgrade U" album cover in center stage, I did what most would have done, I clicked on it and I LOVE Ashanti's new album Declaration , although she has the worst style and stage presence she managed to give a really cute album this fourth time around. For any mood that you might be going through she takes you there delivering better notes and song content. SERIOUSLY, this is a must have album for any fan of Ashanti, now Im not going to do a critic on the album, just go GET IT!! Im glad she's back because I've always been behind her since "my days are cold with you" days, now she just needs a better marketing and branding team....

Declaration is out in stores today!!!

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