The Musical : Lil Kim -Give Her Love Babeeee

Let's talk about Kim shall we-a woman I've loved since Hardcore.

"The producers cite Lil' Kim's yet-to-be-titled comeback album as the example par excellence of their enhanced sampled/live instrument/keyboard-driven hybrid style. Described as “a cross between [Lil' Kim's] Hard Core and [Nas'] It Was Written,” the two say the album crosses boundaries between samples and live sounds, yielding “a sexy, but hard album” that will restore the queen to her rightful throne. Hook-writing specialist/producer Iron Solomon concurs: “They go deep into the process with their beats, and it shows because they always make big-sounding records.”

I can't wait to hear her new stuff, always have and always will be a K.I.M. fan. Although Im not sure of the direction she's going, the last song I heard respirator and hated it, just give me Hardcore Part 2 and Im good.

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