The Musical: Presenting - Mr. FantastiK

Music has consumed a huge percentage of this wonderful pop-culture that we ALL are in dismay about now-a-days. Which leads me to search for and introduce to you guys the people and artist that I run across with such wonderful talent that are chiseling their way in this culture that grows day by day. The pop/dance/euro sense of EVERYTHING is taking over and this cool kid is definitely ready to take his stance. Mr. FantastiK hails from Atlanta GA, and is inspired by Usher, Kanye West, Pharell, and Missy Elliot who are all GENIUSES at heart. This singer, rapper, and dancer conveys the epitome of stage presence and energy... you won't be disappointed after experiencing this compelling story of STRUGGLE, LIFE,and most of all...HOPE.
Make sure you check out my small, but formal interview with the pop sensation "Mr. FantastiK" after the cut.....

(( takes us ALL to make it))

iCON :)

iCON:So... From the look and sounds of things man I am definitely a fan of your music and most importantly your aura!

FantastiK:I definitely appreciate the love and support of everyone! I am so happy with where I am musically. I am writing, producing and writing everyday and it is amazing to be doing everything that I love everyday!

iCON:That's beautiful man. It has to feel good to be doing everything that you can imagine! It seems as though it has you flying high out here. So, "triple-threat" you sing, dance, and rap! I'll just call you a male Beyonce!

FantastiK:Yes! I do. God had blessed me with the entire spectrum to entertain in it's entirety. And I think Beyonce is "incredible" as a performer. She has it all. And that is what I yearn to convey to the world.

iCON:So I see that you are inspired by Usher, Kanye and many other heavy hitters in the industry today. How do you plan on seperating yourself from other artist such as a Chris Brown, or even an Usher?

FantastiK:I am most definitely inspired by each artist named plus more and I feel that they all have mastered their aspect of the industry. I plan on doing the same exact thing that they did. Mastering my struggles while polishing my craft as an individual first and then as an artist. It's all about being a person of a genuine caliber and everything else will follow.

iCON:That's great man. I am elated as well as eager to see you progress in the industry, and to bless the world with what you have been blessed with which is raw and amazing talent. But before we part ways... I would like to see where your head is as far as MUSIC is concerned!

FantastiK:Lets go man!

iCON:OK. I am going to say one name and I want you to give me a one worded response.

FantastiK:I'm ready!



iCON:Sarah Vaughn

FantastiK:Ummm.. Legend

iCON:Peabo Bryson


iCON:Celine Dion



FantastiK:Chocolate! She is a beautiful chocolate girl!

iCON:Sir.. I am talking about MUSIC! She is beautiful, but her VOICE is amazing as well!

iCON:OK. Last but not least Fantasia.


iCON:Thanks man! If you didn't notice, all of these people are some of my favorite people to listen to, so I am very happy about your responses man!

FantastiK:You have a very broad and good taste in music!

iCON:I appreciate it man! Well I'm not going to hold you kid. Make sure you spread the word about us over here at LateBoots as we climb that ladder of success with you! God Bless!

FantastiK:Will do. God bless you all as well.

iCON:Peace man.

You can check out his music, videos and have an extra glimpse into his life at his personal page Mr. Fantastik