Off The Runway: The Quality Of A Knock-Off

In a recent post Lindsay Lohan was spotted tipping out in her Balenciaga Weekender tote and gladiator caged sandals. In my ending I discreetly stated "be on the look out for the knock-offs", and I woke up to an email from my good friend Andre this morning with these in them! I was like.. WOW, these people don't waste anytime! And get this, these knock off's were done by a huge designer we all know! Yes, Richy Rich from power designer house Heatherette is the "mastermind" behind these already designed numbers!
To be honest, this is what you would call a "quality knock-off". If I saw these on the streets I would def have to take a second look to clarify that they're not the real deal. So I say, TIP. If you can get your hands on these... TIP, queen, TIP! And I will LIVE just as much!

((...quality over COIN))

iCON :)