Parking Lot Tipping: Nae-Nae Falls Into A Dip

This picture looks very cool and serene right?! You would think that this couple was leaving dinner and making their way back to their limo for the drive home...
....please! Get your mind right! Our favorite cousin was at it again last night! Naomi Campbell was drunk boots when she tipped out of a club in Capri Italy with her man, Marcus Elias. And from the looks of it she fell into a NASTY dip on her way to their limo!! Yes Naomi! I wonder was she giving you sickening hand performances and duck-walks?! It looks like she may have gave a "dramatic" tease..LMAO! Get it together Nae-Nae. She recently reported that she planned on adopting..I don't see it! At least not at this stage in her life!

((...let it out, let it out, let it out....OOOWWH!))

iCON :)