R.I.P - Another Hanger Falls From The Closet

Handling death is a very serious issue when dealing with it any kind of way, but when it hits this beautiful industry that I ADORE strongly, it tugs at my heart. Russian model Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide at her Manhattan apartment just recently. Heres the report:

Ruslana Korshunova, a 20 year old supermodel, died as a result of a fall from the Manhattan apartment building she lived in. At the scene, police said it appeared the young beauty fell from a balcony.

Saturday evening, the details surrounding the shocking death of Korshunova were still unclear. Ara Chekmayan of Tactical News Service spoke to one of the witnesses on Water Street, in Manhattan's Financial District, where the building is located. The witness, Ahmad Sadd, was there at the moment of the tragic death of Ruslana.
Korshunova was the kind of beauty not easily forgotten. According to, this Russian model was discovered by a senior booker at a modeling agency who saw the photo of Ruslana in the pages of an in flight magazine. The booker was so taken by her classic beauty that she started a search to find her.

The long haired goddess has been praised by the creme de la creme in the modeling world, her beauty printed on the cover of Vogue Magazine, Elle and other prestigious publications. She campaigned for Marithé & François Girbaud, Blugirl, Dior, Vera Wang, DKNY and Diesel. She was currently a client of IMG in New York City.

This is a very sad issue guys, and I would definitely like to take the time out to reflect on life in general. We all strive to make it to the TOP to be able to experience the joy and the luxury of the supermodels, and the connoisseurs but we have to also know that once you're there the trials and tribulations of life doesn't end. We have to continue to live everyday (once we are there) like GOD has just shown us how good he is. It's a serious issue guys.. let's stay positive.. all the way to the TOP and beyond!

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