And Yet Again - Blogging Is Taking Over

Starting out as this just being something I did to not only express my opinion but to also just merely pass time, blogging has become a way a LIFE... for me - for MANY. Until LB launched I was not a heavy blogger at all. Besides and, I was usually on Myspace or Facebook! With the success of blogging being on an up-rise and new blogs popping up everyday, I can definitely say that it has become a craze!

With top blogger Perez Hilton generating over 7 million dollars in the past year he has definitely set the bar very high with competing bloggers. It is crazy how YOU can get paid just to draw smiley faces on pictures! I am NOT knocking his hustle because he has done his thing and is now a MILLIONARE!

I ultimately say that to say this... GO FOR IT! Even if you feel like what you are doing is LATE or even if you feel like it's been done before.. GO! Follow your heart people! I get random emails and messages from fans of LB saying that they desire to start their own blog and I always tell them to make it happen! That's what we did. We put our dreams into play and GOD did the rest.

My good homie Ray Cunnigham (from BET's College Hill Season 3) and who is now the West Coast editor for Bleu Magazine, just started up his blog simply titled Ray's Bleu Juice( He was somewhat nervous about it, but I told him to TIP! Do your thing man! We are all in this together and if it takes us all to raise one another UP - so be it! Besides he did a small write up on little ol me. LOL. But this message is to all the "dreamers" out there... it's beautiful to dream but let's become "runners"... So we can finish this race together.

Let's GET it.

((..that damn CNN special))