See You Didn't Follow Instructions

"Marquis this is a random question...but im going to school in Atlanta this fall..and i just wanted to know..where do u get your haircut lol..."-LB Reader

Ok so I get tons of emails with various questions so I decided to answer one awhile back. I posted a video of me at B.Braxton's ( East Harlem ) giving advice and answering questions on men's grooming...well one of the readers went after viewing the vid and did not have a good experience.

A young man emailed me recently saying his experience at B.Braxton's was a mess. He said he went to a chinesse girl and he was not pleased with his $30.00 cut. He then went on to ask me if she was my barber and where in Atlanta do I get cut. My heart goes out to you because I know how much a bad haircut can be.

Now I know the music in the video was loud but I know you saw that my barber was black!! Don't be going out on your own, I can't speak for the whole shop, only my barber!! Her name is Margrette. Next time when you go ask the receptionist to send you to the lady who cuts Marquis Phifer.

In Atlanta I go to Off The Hook Barbershop on Peter's street-ask for Ant. In Houston ( I'll be coming there soon ) I go to So Fresh & So Clean-ask for Rob.

So sorry for your bad experience but all of my barbers are Black. Remember that!!!

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r