Boots & The City: Guess Who?

Sometimes in this industry it calls to make special deliveries. I'm guessing the U.S. postal service doesn't exist on this planet. It's mostly back and forth from boutiques and showrooms (which I love seeing the new-new), but this time the address was to an apartment. Unaware of who was going to behind the door, to my surprise it was Kaws. Kaws is known for his paintings over advertisements and his collection of collaborations in the past few years. From Comme des Garçons to Porter, the list goes on and on. On his last project he teamed up with i-D magazine, where he put his magic onto the pages and brought them to life. The issue is now on newsstands featuring Nigo, Kanye, Pharrell and, Lil Wayne-The Dream Team. More photos from his work after the jump...