Boots & The City : Yeah And We Cook Too!!-July 4th

Let me cut right to the chase, so I had this idea for all of my Atlanta friends who are down here in New York for the summer to have a 4th of July dinner....well little did I know-none of them knew how to cook. Sham, myself, Richy Ro$$ and Tayo stood on aisle 6 in the grocery store dumb founded because they wanted me to do all the cooking. But a secret of mine-I love to cook. As we picked up items we had a mini debate because they wanted to buy non brand meats, oh no......that's one thing I don't do is eat cheap as we made it back to the house I had Tayo seasoning and flipping, while Sham baked the beans and Richy ain't do $hit. I was in there burning.

ps. They tore that food up tender. Im still eating leftovers.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r