Cartier Times - Hey Mova, Can I Move In?

Our favorite House Mova, The Karl Lagerfeld, has taken his designs from the runway to pulleys and cranes! According to sources Karl has just inked a deal with "Dubai Infinity Holdings" to design 80 limited edition homes. Heres the report:

Samira Abdulrazzak, CEO of Dubai Infinity says, "Dubai Infinity Holdings is excited to bring Karl Lagerfeld to the UAE region for the first time as he embarks on laying his footprint on Isla Moda. He is the first of five iconic designers who will shape Isla Moda into an international destination. This is a very important phase in the development and begins a new chapter for fashion in Dubai."

Now the houses are planned to be set up on Isla Moda, the world's first island dedicated to fashion. How sickening is that people?! OMG. When I am blessed with my fortune my first purchase will be a "Chanel" home in Dubai! I can imagine shoes and gowns all over the place! Stilettos as table-toppers and the gowns as shower curtains! Yes! Who wants to move in with me?

((...craigslist won't have this))

iCON :)