Face Of Face - The Return, Grace of All Trades

The epitome. Ugh. Grace Jones is one of the most iconic models, performers, and fashion lovers of all time, and after a nineteen year recording hiatus, Mova "Face" is back with a new single and is ready to return to her stance. Her new album, Hurricane is expected out in October. It’s interesting to hear from the supermodel now, especially after Marc Jacob’s collection for Fall 2008 at Louis Vuitton referenced classic and eccentric Jones glamor, perhaps best shown in those sickening headpieces and genii pants he gave.
It’s really nice to see Grace bringing her creative fearlessness back to the cultural landscape again. She is a consummate entertainer both on the runway and stage, and she also happened to celebrate her sixtieth birthday earlier this year! Old grand phish! She is still as bizarre as ever, and perhaps she can shake up the watered down pop that has become the musical norm as of late. With everything 80’s so in now, it seems only fitting that Jones should return to the scene. While I’m certain the fashion crowd will welcome the diva back with open arms, we will have to wait and see what the music scene makes of her. In the meantime, we can look forward to her appearing on the red carpet in fabulous and strange ensembles no other celeb would have the guts to wear! Get em Grace! Catch the vid after the jump...

((...she IS legend))

iCON :)