Fashion Round-Up: Dior/Chanel/Givenchy Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2008

John Galliano never ceases to amaze me. Kicking off Fashion Week with his muted but loud and hard but yet soft collection for Dior Couture set the tone exactly where it needed to be. The mix of prints and colors paired with the structured cuts sent my mind in a fashion frenzy that only Tylenol P.M. could make better!......

Looking back over his past few collections I have noticed somewhat of a storyline and or a cohesiveness that is implemented to convey of such. Who knows? Maybe he is reading us a fairytale with an ending that will blow us all away!.
...And with art work like this, I am eager to get to the ending of this fantasy tale.

Come on Anna! Like is Karl paying homeage to the Queen of Fashion or what?! Well He really blew us "out of this world" with this collection! With a futuristic, space-aged touch, Karl gave us a glimpse of couture on Mars! With shapey bobs, fringe, and nude shoulders this collection showed maturity and gave the "older" woman a chance to see how she can liven the party.

This is why I absolutely adore haute couture fashion. There is a no holds barred feel to it and it allows you to go the distance. These epicenters of fashion definitely travels the distances in the best manner. OOOH! And if you havent noticed Karl slicked us! Anna Wintour gave us a glimpse of this collection at the Costume Gala a couple of months ago! BOB and all! LOL. Picture Perfect.

Givency has always had this military feel to them that I have always enjoyed. I'm used to seeing alot of blacks, greens and browns that screamed militant. So with this run, I am elated that the camp chose to throw some color in the mix! I am not a huge fan of fur, but I really like how it was wrapped around heads and snugged around necks! Hey, its couture baby! This look gave me sickening soldier girls tipping to battle!
Tucked here, fringed there and nude everywhere! Rock star if you will?! Ugh. Givenchy is so stupid. Like I am living for phish in this leather jacket and nude/floral bottom. The nudes and neutral palettes mixed with this rock chic look is so in. I hope these kittens jump on board and let have this season! I am ready to rock with them!

((...it's been a minute))

iCON :)