GAG: She Is REALLY Feeling Her BEAT

Now I dont know what 50 cent has been putting in Ci-Ci's drinks or what percentage of glue her lacefront specialist has been using but this bitch (excuse my french) is out of her mind! According to one of my favorite blogs Mediatakeout.com, the princess of "Crunk & B" LMAO (does that even exist?)is taking a shot at The Queen and is releasing her album the same day as Beyonce's! Like is she serious? Even if you are not a fan of Beyonce's (shame on you), you know that this is Ludacris! Ci-Ci is feeling her beat. Yeah you came in and gave us two boxed chinese wigs and a pointed-toe boot longer than Madison Ave at the BET awards this year but that doesnt mean you can try and sit over Bey. Geez, when will the kittens get a clue?! I am over it. I will always have a vivid thought in my head when I was sitting in Atlantic Station one day a couple of months ago and Ci-Ci breezed thru in her Bentley (who doesnt have one) and she threw her hand up at me. So I was like "oh, fish coming thru on cruise control". LOL So when she drove on by I caught a glimpse of the back of that head! It looked liked she had just got done changing her own brakes! It was so matted up! And fish wants to release the same day as Mrs. Carter... Foolish I tell you, foolish!

((....this I dont see.))

iCON :)