LB Watch : Pleaze LateBoots Is An Expression

This movie is a throwback and it's the most recited scene from a movie!! I don't care how hard you might be, you have mocked this scene before, either with your friends or while you were alone!! No lie. True story : my mother use to work with Wayman real name Corwin Hawkins back in the 90's but he died of Pneumonia at 29yrs of age. She told me he acted the sameway and had them cracking up at work.

Corwin was actually discovered by Keenan Ivory Wayans while appearing on Def Comedy Jam, B.E.T. and HBO Comedy specials. Hawkins accepted the role of (Wayman) in A Low Down Dirty Shame-a part originally written for RuPaul. Back in his stand up days his stage name was Amazing Grace and was known for his bob hairstyle, Chanel two-piece suits, and Ferragamo shoes ( c'mon labels!! ). Alot of big name people attended his shows like Keith Carradine, Lucy Arnaz and Grace Jones.

The comedy starts at 1:07.

Oh and sometimes when people say negative things towards me and my team I wanna say exsqueeze me this is my blog you dropped in lastnight.

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