LB Watch: My Pick - The JOKE Is On You

...yea, it really is. If you havent caught the new Batman joint, the JOKE is really on YOU! Sighs. Like I was so NOT excited to see this movie (you see it took me 2 weeks to do so), but I was getting messages and calls and my people were telling me how good it was! So I decided to TIP out with my twin sister and we had a date! We BOTH left the theatre looking as if we had just got off of a thrill ride! The movie is AMAZING. And Mr. Ledger (RIP), was the absolute BEST. His acting in this movie declared his commitment. He made me feel as though I was walking and destroying the sickening streets of "Gotham" with him! It was great guys! Please go and peep if you already havent!

((...OSCAR anyone?))

iCON :)