Next To The Floor: Jazmine Sullivan - On The Rise

Besides being a connoisseur and fanatic of FASHION, and just the whole pop-culture in general, I adore MUSIC. And with this particular artist, it really makes me excited to see people of her genre rise. Jazmine Sullivan has been considered "underground" for so long and now she is being catapulted to the forefront of the music industry. With her debut album, Fearless, hitting stores September 16, 2008 I am quite sure she will be considered a force.

Being compared to the great Lauryn Hill, her voice is of running water and her transitioning is superb. Sullivan gained much exposure over you-tube and myspace, and her first single "Need U Bad" featuring Missy Elliot is blazing and getting heavy radio play. I am so ready for her to drop! I was turned on to her by a friend of mine and he allowed me the opportunity to hear her live singing "In Love With Another Man" (which is posted after the cut). Please listen and let her in. She is amazing.

*Also her first single "Need U Bad" featuring Missy Elliot is also after the jump.

(( is FASHION))

iCON :)