Sweet Taste Of Success : Are You Not Entertained?

Being a young up and coming professional I marvel at the men and women who stand before me. In times where jobs and dreams are at a recession the sweet taste of success gives me motivation. I've mapped out my plans, I like saying what I think and feel cause it's keeps me accountable ( right Kanye ). I think Im my own worst enemy lol, there's NOTHING anyone can say or do to me that I haven't already done to myself. Im numb, not easily entertained or thrilled. SOME HAVE ACTUALLY TOLD ME " I SEE YOU BEING AN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF YOUR OWN MAGAZINE "- oh you think so, well I need some investors. I let my nightmares go-call me the black Tom Ford. Alot might wonder where I get my go-getter swagg from but like I always say, if not me then who. CEO's mind-this marketing plan was me. I see rich people, I see alot of big head people. Sweet taste of sin, everything I seen made my everything I am but is this what being in the industry is all about?-too much stress. What keeps me at my dreams?-I want men to be blessed in me so I asked to be defended from those who rise against me. I know we often look at other people's success and think "that should be me, shit I can do their job ten times better than them." Im far from a graduate, just had the balls to do it. Keep pushing people.

Blogger turned professional journalist.

M A R Q U I S . P H I F E R

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