This Pop Luxe Life Is The $hiiiit-Get STUPID

So it's 4:09am and Im just now getting in...I know I know I said I was gonna stop but I can't-Im addicted-like a drug. Tonight was a good night, a real good night. It started off with Sham going to Pharrell's joint that he did with Paper Mag ( I know you seen the cover with his Birkin bag ) while I had dinner with some important people. Blah Blah Blah-fast forward to 1:00am, we're at our usual spot Goldbar is what they call it-was packed to the max, picture this: Sham, Tayo and myself sitting at the table, drinks everywhere, Tayo had shades on, I had a bow-tie on, Sham had BBC on and then we got put on. Taz Arnold chatted with us and guess what, he fu@ks with us!!!! He checks out LateBoots and we got some $hit up our sleeve but I can't say too much plus I need to end the story cause Im sleepy and I have to be up by 8am. Ok where was I-I remember it was this chick that had on these sick shoes, sick I tell you and I didn't get the name, she was sitting next to me all night but I still didn't get the name of them. When she sat down at our table ( social circle ) she said to me "When I first walked in I saw you looking serious, you look fabulous, I love it." But I still didn't get the name.

oh....but the person wearing the shoes is Kelis.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r