Uh-Oh: Talley Does Thongs-CK Ones

Yesssssss Andre! GOD, he is so grand! Anywho, this just may render him a tad bit... umm LATE? According to the NEW YORK POST, Talley was out and about recently shopping for some intimate underwear LMAO, and got gagged at the counter! Heres the report:

"ANDRE Leon Talley had a tough time buying underpants recently. The 6-foot-8 Vogue editor at large was in Macy's picking out XXL Calvin Klein thongs, but was thwarted when he tried to open a store credit- card account, our spy said. "He was denied and had trouble paying for it and had to come back . . . it was a big fiasco," the source said. Vogue spokes man Patrick O'Connell con firmed Talley was in Macy's, but insisted he was buying Polo boxers - not thongs. He declined to discuss the credit flap."

Now Dre (had to get gutta on him), you know that you cant be tipping around in thongs! And if you do wish to do that, send someone out to get them for you and if they are questioned being asked why are they buying "4X sized laced thongs" they can simply say that they're for their cousin Bertha in Brooklyn! Utilize your grandness and your RESOURCES! Thats what interns are for! LOL. Love you still Big ME!

((...ANYBODY can be gotten together!))

iCON :)